UI/UX Design from the other side.

There are probably thousands of articles, different guidelines and recommendations on how to improve the UX as well as practices, but do we really use them? In this article I am going to talk about UX from the other side, not what you are presenting to your boss or client, but the workplace you organize for yourself and people who will continue working on it. Let’s review top 5 pains and solutions of working on someone’s else work. I would like to begin with any kind of digital design areas like Web or UI

  1. Organizing your work files, layers
  2. Creating notes, follow-up’s
  3. Providing guidelines
  4. Creating assets and other project-related required files
  5. Supporting your work files

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Gray Layout out of stock for opencart

This simple extension allows you to make all of the 'out of stock' items on the category pages become gray colored. For download, please visit opencart marketplace [visit extension page]

Install instructions:

  1. Upload theme using extension installer
  2. Add .out-of-stock {filter: grayscale(100%);} to the CSS of your theme
  3. Refresh cache
  4. Now you have nice styling for your out of stock items

This module was created and tested for opencart version

Visit extension page

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