Company Brand Evolution

Case study for our IT Services Agency with primary focus in UX design and website development.


Strategy and Business Analytics

UI/UX Design


Sales funnel development


Web development



Desktop Software

Single Page Application

Server-side, hardware

Key Deliverables

Corporate website

Intranet employee portal

Client mobile app

Design system


About project

UX Design-focused agency, with strategy for every business goal, operating since 2014.

Business challenges

  • Public brand appearance,
  • Improve content-management flows for staff,
  • Create new sales channels
  • Intranet employee-only LMS and community,
  • Consistency across multiple platforms.

Solution & Key Features

● Designed and Developed corporate website where Goodevs staff can edit and publish new company case studies, projects and articles with a user-friendly dashboard and custom templates per each type of content. New sales channels that allows connecting with an advisor to discuss work and partnership opportunities, E-mail system and automations integrated with software that goodevs uses: task managers, CRM’s, messengers and other tools.

● Visitors can learn about Goodevs, what we do and how we do it, see a list of services and get a tailored service suggestions based on specific needs that user defines in a user-friendly, fun questionnaire.


Goodevs Agency reached
● 12680+ (and growing) business owners and CEO’s visiting Goodevs from media and SEO, natively.
● Partnership with great leaders and companies that are experts in their industry from Europe and the USA.
● Saving more than 10 hours/week per employee who used to work with previous website/sales funnels

Sergey’s role

Transforming Goodevs website and media appearance into a fully-functional, company-wide, versioned design system with a team of designers and engineers to support it.

  • New Website Design
  • Logo, brand identity (initial in 2014 and rebranding in 2021)
  • Templates for professional media: linkedin, clutch, instagram, medium
  • Usability tests, resulting product iterations
  • Design system: for designers, developers and content managers that is updated live.


Team members and invited experts involved

  • Oleg Kovalev
  • Olga Borodulina