Landing Pages: How to Succeed in 2023

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Landing pages are a crucial component of digital marketing, designed to present a product or service with the goal of converting visitors into buyers. While the structure of landing pages may vary, a typical landing page includes a hero screen to capture attention, information about the product or service, features and offers, and testimonials and reviews.

To create an effective landing page, it is important to keep several things in mind. First, the content should be easy to read and scan, with a clear hierarchy and focal point to guide the user. Second, the signup process, navigation, and interactions should be seamless and user-friendly. Third, implementing conversion-centered design principles can help optimize sales. Finally, A/B testing can be a useful tool to identify and optimize the most effective strategies for your landing page.

Historically, landing pages have been incredibly effective in driving sales, with an average landing page being 400% more effective than a regular corporate website. However, as landing pages have become more common, it is important to approach them with a thoughtful and strategic mindset to achieve success.

Looking ahead to 2023, landing pages are likely to remain a key sales funnel channel. However, for services or more complex products, a broader marketing strategy may be necessary. Additionally, if you are collecting lead contact data, such as emails, it is crucial to provide valuable content to stand out in an oversaturated digital landscape.

On the technical end, it is important to ensure that your landing page is mobile-friendly or even mobile-first to deliver content appropriately to your audience.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can create a successful landing page that converts visitors into buyers and drives your business forward.

To sum up:

Landing page — is a type of website, where a product or service is presented.

The ultimate goal: ‘to land’ a visitor at a webpage and convert into a buyer (signup or purchase CtA’s).

Typical landing page structure

  • Hero screen, must grab visitor’s attention (within 10s)
  • About the product/services; what makes it special
  • What you’ll get/features/offers
  • Testimonials and reviews

Main things to keep eye on while creating a landing page

  • Hierarchy and Focal point — make sure the content is easy readable/scannable, user shouldn’t think
  • Super easy signup process, navigation and interactions
  • As much as possible CCD principles
  • A/B tests are good option to test and optimise sales

It is a great practice to implement conversion-centered design principles within your landing page.

Make sure to have red our handbook on CCD:

On the tech end

  • Make sure your content is delivered appropriately for the audience: the website is mobile-friendly or even mobile-first.
  • Marketing strategy.