Skyhook Intranet Apps

Apps for insurance agents to track activities & take care of management without any papers.


UI Design

Material Design System

UX Design

Web design




Key Deliverables

Visual Design, Sketch


About project

Skyhook App and a web service for insurance agents

Employee-only intranet mobile app to time-track activities & take care of management without any papers.

Business challenges

A system, with sync between employee mobile app and administrator web service to properly track work effectiveness and verify reports.

  • Time tracker with quick toggle on/off
  • Pre-defined templates easily accessible for employees on the go
  • See reports and flagged activities for management and quality assurance
  • Attachments for issues statements and profs

Skyhook app screens case study

Sergey’s role

As a UI/UX specialist I’ve performed:

  • Product research and user testing
  • Mobile App Information Architecture
  • App content structure &  hierarchy, patterns
  • UI design using material design guidelines for mobile app
  • Iteration of dashboard parts that existed in web service
  • Prototyping