Stunning Resume with Uptime

Measure your achievements & track growth transparently in the workplace using Uptime Resume Mobile App


UX Design

UI Design

Business Analytics

Project Management

Frontend Development





Key Deliverables

UI Designs: Photoshop, Sketch, Figma

UX: Documentation, Planning

Server setup

WordPress Template



The Uptime Resume Mobile App is a powerful tool that allows employees to track their achievements and measure their growth transparently in the workplace. It is a hassle-free and fun process that eliminates the need for manual resume drafting, making it a perfect solution for businesses looking to empower their employees and drive their performance.


Business challenges

Uptime Resume was created to help businesses drive employee performance and growth transparently in the workplace. It empowers employees by providing them with a platform to showcase their achievements and track their growth, making it an essential tool for any business owner looking to promote high performers and double production while reducing the time spent on day-to-day problems.

Key Features

Uptime Resume brings resume creation and updating to a hassle-free and fun process. The app allows users to create a live CV that showcases their achievements and growth transparently in the workplace. It also allows businesses to set up specific challenges and verticals that align with their vision, driving employee performance and growth.

Scope of Work

Sergey was responsible for the whole project’s UI and UX design. He was hired as a UI designer to make the app more appealing and later took on further steps in UX, B/A, and Marketing to ensure a successful launch of the project.

See uptime case study from 2018-2019 and compare to how it changed as of nowadays.

The Results

“Sergey and I have worked together for over 3 years now from design work on websites and iOS apps. He understands my vision, easy to communicate with and goes beyond the scope of work to make sure it’s done right. ” – Dec 2021

Nayt Duval

Owner of Uptime Resume


Since its launch, Uptime Resume has become an essential tool for businesses looking to promote high performers and drive employee performance and growth transparently in the workplace.