We're happy to launch internal events for our clients, partners and friends.

Workshops and Virtual conferences

Goodevs is casually hosting IT & MSP educational webinars and meet-ups.

  • Attend to a specific planned workshop
  • Bi-weekly partner & tech updates and networking
  • Access our educational platform
  • Join as a mentor or find one for yourself

All of resources are available to members of our partnership program. Read about other options available at educational platform website.

Advance your design expertise

While there are thousands resources and courses for junior specialisation, we focus on teaching more advanced topics like Middle to Senior transitioning for UI, UX and Motion Designers.

  • Junior to Middle trainings and certifications
  • Middle to Senior trainings and certifications

Have a team or looking for enterprise options instead?
Book a meeting with Sergey, Goodevs CEO at https://calendly.com/holovashkin

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