Goodevs Logo Evolution

Good what? Let’s first figure out what does it mean.

Even before the logo, we took weeks to find a name that suits us best. Eventually, Daniel, a 3rd person (a friend of Sergey from Croatia) said: so you’re developers, right? What about Good developers?

At first, that words sounded like something boring, just a random info. But we did save those keywords and quite soon after, a combo of them was developed 🤓.

So, as probably you’ve already guessed, it stands for good + developers, if you try shortening the developers, it would sound ‘devs’ => Good + devs or Gooddevs, then just omit one ‘d’ and here you go!

The very first logo for our agency was created in 2014, at that time we had a small but cozy office in city center.

Of course, lot’s of branded items were instantly ordered :))

branded wallet and wooden sign

Goodevs Wooden Sign & Wallet

goodevs old office photo

Just look at that ‘non-apple’ laptop 😅

Another fancy thing we had to say bye to, with our new rebranding is the hidden text smiley (Eyes with glasses and a smile with > ), but we’re absolutely okay with it – the new logotype has it’s own advantages 😈

So, now you know a tad more about our family. Welcome!

Oh ye, and let’s not forget what we were doing here (the rebranding)!

Below you can discover the transformation of our logo step by step.