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The purpose of brand identity

As the times goes by and the more responsibilities you get, the more struggles come to you.

Just like design systems, creation of the brand identity is quite a bit long process: so why to do it, when you just need a keynote with couple of slides?

Let’s list the main advantages

  • Obsolete consistency across documents, apps and services
  • A brand ‘feel’, that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • In the long game: you save extremely huge amounts of time and focus on what matters
  • Getting rid of ‘re-creating’ new styles again and again. Now you can have a design-system for Brand Identity too and practice iterations instead.


  • Figma is great, but when it comes to exporting vector graphics — here is where the fun starts. If you ever happened to have an export issue (frames to PDF) and the file becomes large (in my case it was 120 MB compared to 5MB without couple of illustrations), don’t be upset! Simply figure out which exact layers cause the issue, convert them to PNG and export all frames again.
  • A proper creation of components and general document setup can save you hours of time. Atomic design principle works for this type of work too.
  • The brand book / guidelines themselves doesn’t do the job much. The actual gems are the systems behind them: during or before the process of guidelines creation, you can setup styles and components; define different templates and layouts and then, reuse them whenever needed.

The brand identity is Available for viewing in PDF below