Overview: requirements and benefits having partnership with us.

Table of Contents

  • 3 Core values.
  • 6 Departments & services that we find a good fit for partnership.
  • 9 Benefits of partnership with us.
  • 2 Step-Verification and review process
  • Recommendations & takeaways

Tone of Voice.

  • Respectand such attitude is a core principle. Behave to others as you’d like others to behave to you.
  • Honesty. We’re all humans. Each and every of us gone through different life challenges. You don’t need to act like you’re somebody else.
  • Spread the love if you haven’t yet. Seriously, you’ll be amazed how beautiful and kind the world is.

Departments & envisions

  • Pet projects and collaborations (B2C)
  • Non-profit / Interests in common
  • Goodevs as a Sales Partner (B2B)
  • Goodevs as a Dedicated Team (B2B)
  • Startups and investors
  • Enterprise (5B + rev.)

What will you get in return?

  • All requirements and values apply on both sides, we are for equity
  • A friendly environment with outstanding creatives to chill & grow
  • Transparent communication at all stages, easy-going work pace
  • Less or zero time spent on code-refactoring, reviewing low quality projects or generally dealing with low-quality amateurs
  • Being a partner, means more than a client. It's more like a family. Supported and secured ❤️
  • Evolving as a community. Consistently being provoked to do great things for the better.
  • An exclusive access to a list of tools & communities
  • Remote & in-person parties and challenging activities
  • Toxic-free environment. Mentally A+

At Goodevs, we don't just cooperate by sharing projects or out-staffing for profit like many other countries do.

The ‘5 must’ prerequisites for partnership with us.

Before even thinking of communicating or planning anything, these are the first steps that should be considered and implemented.

  • Goodevs Core values match or are fully acceptable with yours.
  • You/Your company has a proven record in expertise of the services provided
  • Excellent communication proficiency: Advanced or bilingual in English
  • Services provided by you or your company match with departments we are open for partnership
  • You’re willing to pass verification (video-call and portfolio review)

Verification for the good. We value our reputation and clients.

We can build great relationships with any business, but the business has to perform appropriately. With that said, please be assured, that for us to start working with you — we request a verification process, which helps us to maintain risk-free, friendly environment.

The verification process is simple, and shall not be in any terms time/energy/{other} consuming. A quick video-call does the thing, no need to share any sensitive information or ID’s.

For projects that require additional expertise (rather than just being a cool person, huh)

  • We may ask you to share project that you created in past, present it.
  • Free-hand / your personal follow-ups are very welcome, this helps us to better understanding your attitude
  • If we find anything suspicious, we may request additional time for reviewing your application

Please, be informed that even if your company is an award-winning agency, the same rules apply. We’re not willing to work or out-staff projects, unless we are 100% sure for the person or team to be able delivering the best results.

Recommendations & takeaways

  • Don’t hunt for quantity, take your time, define your goals perform a research
  • If you’re still here, seems like you’re really into making acquaintance with us, that’s so pleasant.
  • Whenever it is too much, simply cut it by chalks, same applies for the partnership opportunities – we can start with a
    friendship and eventually create something insane.
  • Specific requirements and eligibility can be found here (soon)
  • Strategy & planning > for the win.

Seems legit? Then you're welcome to proceed for the next step.


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