Sergey Golovashkin

Sr. UI/UX Designer, Author & entrepreneur

“What can i say about Sergey beside the fact that he’s a true professional? Best in communication , always reply right away and available when needed, every question followed up with an answer that help you to understand better the process. Taking the project to a whole new level with his profound knowledge in the field, also improvising and doing things in order to improve the project without even telling him to do so. In conclusion, will definitely recommend him for anyone!”
– Amit H.


πŸš€  8+ years of experience in design, development & product management.
πŸš€  Senior UI/UX Designer, Consultant, and Educator (100+ designers graduated).
πŸš€  An entrepreneur, running his own startups and speaks human language.
πŸš€  Proven record with completed & launched projects at more than 30+ industries under web and mobile.
πŸš€  Expert in typography, colours, space and grids, usability, web and mobile patterns, guidelines, design systems.
πŸš€  Figma Verified Educator.

My Design Process


Every great product starts with a strategy, business goals and challenges to overcome. Before jumping into designing I always make sure that the goals and challenges we’re going to accomplish are right and the most efficient for the specific business. This stage includes market research, competitive analyses, consulting and exploring solutions tailored for business needs.


Solution oriented. Design is for solving real world problems, not only look fancy. By the end of this phase you’ll have a pixel perfect design for your product. Immediately along with wireframes I create prototypes that simulating final end results and even open doors to proceed the very first usability tests.

Design capabilities by departments (magic wand)


Leading the conception to a fully functional, still pixel-perfect solution. Since I’m a designer who can code too, I can easily do the job in close collaboration with developers up until the product launch and beyond. I am capable of doing front-end development for web and IoT projects.

Quality assurance

As a part of my core values, quality assurance, means whole process is transparent and focused on the outcomes, driving actual revenue instead of predictions and hopes. After the initial product research β€” I’m happy to perform user testing with your customers to ensure the best possible solutions tailored by their needs.

Selected case studies

Forget about manual resume creation and updating. Uptime makes your CV updated live.

A system, that generates educational programme, assigns individual schedule based on user-defined preferences and availability of each person involved, provides staff with everything required to run an exam.

App for tutors and students to learn and teach right from mobile (or web) quickly and easy.

An app operated by private air-charter company that makes it easy to book a jet with a pilot for business and personal travels across the United States.  

App and web service for insurance agents to track activities & take care of management without any papers.

Transforming Goodevs website and media appearance into a fully-functional, company-wide, versioned design system with a team of designers and engineers to support it

🌏  I’m working with well-known companies & individuals around the globe

🟒  GYMGUYZ, a 300+ franchises fitness/work-out network, United States
🟒  Bank “Smart Grant” – Chain of banks, operating almost in every part of East Ukraine, B2B-focused),
🟒  Speechly – AI&ML framework processing speech in real time Mobile App, B2B solution for Entrepreneurs (US),
🟒  2 world’s largest manufacturers (fabrics)

Occasionally writing about design topics like typography, conversion centred design (draft), design and re-design.
Consistently scaling my design-community (100+ slack members), Figma team with 51 gurus, interactive LMS and some other pet projects.

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